Ride to Give is a 501c3 (tax ID 46-2952297) non-profit charity that turns athletic ability into fundraising power for families with children who are disabled, injured, or ill. Based in Nyack NY, just outside of NYC, RTG was founded by Kaete Nazaroff and her husband, eleven-time Ironman Dave Nazaroff. In the summer of 2013 Dave completed the first annual "Ride to Give"  from Nyack to Atlanta (over 900 solo miles by bicycle) in 5 days to raise awareness and donations for the family of Tripp Halstead (Tripp Halstead Updates), a toddler who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the fall of 2012. 


Since March 2013 Ride to Give has raised over $1,200,000 for 63 families in states throughout the U.S. We raise funds for medical equipment, travel expenses, and out of pocket costs related to having a medically fragile child. 


We pride ourselves on our transparency and are happy to answer questions and provide documentation of our IRS status. We retain 15% of funds raised after fundraising fees, which are roughly 5%, and give to causes throughout the year other than the ones we specifically fundraise for. Our 2 employees take a salary of $15,000 a year, and we keep our overhead as low as possible to stay in the top tier of charity rankings.


The RTGA is the Ride to Give Army, and we are 92,000 members strong. Our slogan is “Give a Little, Change a Lot,” and we are doing just that, using crowd funding to change the lives of children every day. Thank you for your support!



The Ride to Give Crew

Barbara Valente

"I meet Dave and Kaete one December morning at a local Nyack coffee shop a few week before their daughter Gertie was born. We sparked up a conversation that turned into an almost 8 year friendship. Last spring, I was so excited for The Ride and proud of all that the Nazaroff's were accomplishing, I volunteered my services to assist in shipping the almost 6000 Team Boom/Ride to Give T-shirts. I was honored to be asked to help admin the Facebook page and join the RTG Board of Directors. I am now the Senior Program Coordinator, managing the causes that are submitted to RTG and reaching out to families in need of assistance. I am a single mother of two, Rebecca 9 and JJ 7." - Barbara

Michael Gottlieb

Childhood friend of Dave's since the age of 3, Michael is a designer in both graphics and woodworking. Formerly a Design Director at many well-known consumer magazines for nearly 20 years, he's is now pursuing a new career in contemporary furniture design under his brand MAXOÖN. Michael resides in Manhattan, maintains a wood shop in Brooklyn, is an avid cyclist, and a Ride to Give Board Member.


"When asked to join the pit crew for the first Ride to Give, I realized I would be a part of a small, but special team that will make a huge difference in someone's life. Helping not only Tripp Halstead's family with his recovery, I knew my support for Dave meant a lot because without a team following him, his extraordinary feat of riding 900-miles to Georgia could not be possible. It was challenging for us all, but in the end was such a rewarding experience. The gratitude from all the supporters along the route was not only moving—but showed us all how appreciated we were. To witnesss it firsthand was truly amazing!" –Michael


Cheng Cheah

"Ride to Give was a life time experience journey that I would never forget. It was filled with emotion, caring, support and selfless love, a wonderful journey. This trip taught me that donations didn't have to be big, every dollar adds up, even just a prayer or to be there for support, it could change someone's life. 

"Thanks to Kaete and Dave your caring and unconditional love has touched my heart deeply. You had given me a lesson to become a more loving and caring person. I was so honored and grateful as one of the crew members, experiencing each incredible moment together with Dave. Thank you to Ride to Give Army your support had made our fundraising successful and meaningful. God bless you all. See you next year." - Cheng (Ride to Give Board Member)

Stacy Casden 

"I did not know what to expect when we began this journey.  I was going with only 3 other people, and two I had only met once, and we were going to be gone a week.  Dave was the glue who brought us all together. Traveling the countryside at 15 miles an hour, you really get to see and notice things you would never see or notice!!!  And when we saw our first

"BOOMERS" (that is the name that we gave to the people who were standing on the side of the road cheering us on), it was so exciting to know that people were really following our progress.

We laughed together, we cried together, we were always together... but in the end when we hit the Georgia border, I cried.  I cried for all the hours I drove, for all the miles Dave rode, and I cried for the amazing journey that I got to be a part of.  


The first time for anything is never to be repeated, even if we try.  This first Ride To Give experience is something I will cherish the rest of my life, and I am proud and honored to say that I was a part of it." - Stacy